Social services



The General Social Services as defined in the law 5/97, of June 25, General Social Services Valencia, constitute the basic structure of the Public System of Social Services, through the provision of an integrated and versatile care aimed at the entire population, articulated through preventive care, rehabilitative, at primary level, with universal and free performances.
The basic features are implemented through the following programs:

  1. Program information, advice and guidance on the rights and social resources, to solve the needs of the residents of Moncofa. Timetables.
  2. Social emergency program aimed at addressing the basic needs of people who are unable to satisfy themselves, by granting financial aid and extraordinary finalist to mitigate those situations where you can find those affected by a state of necessity.
  3. Coexistence program which aims to promote community integration. For this it lends the home help service, which develops family worker moving to the homes of those who need it.
  4. Social cooperation programs whose goal is to enhance the life of the community, with the participation in common tasks and promoting social entrepreneurship, partnership and volunteerism.
  5. Intervention programs for the prevention and insertion in the social environment that will aim at the development of social intervention in people or high-risk groups who need help prevent conflicts and personal integration in the social environment.

These general social services are provided by the Social Base Team, consisting of a social worker (Maria Elena Morales Gago), a social educator (Glòria Ricart Ortiz) and a family worker (Ana Ventura Sales).

For any queries please write to serveis, or make an appointment with a general request of Social Services (instance model) or by calling 964 58 April 21 extensions 222, 223 and 224.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11 to 14 hours by appointment by instance.


Municipal Service Care Unit (SMAD)
The service dependency care is provided by the SMAD Moncofa Almenara through the same social worker, Tamara Mingarro (telephone number 96 2624801, extension 242 and from Tuesday to Friday).
You can also set a first contact through the Municipal Social Services Moncofa. It is necessary in this first contact, provide the following information of the person in a dependent: name, ID number, telephone number and address.
The functions:

  1. Information, advice and guidance to citizens, in providing care to people in situations of dependency.
  2. Public information about resources, services and benefits System Care Unit in Valencia and access requirements.
  3. Support citizens in the completion of applications, requirements, procedures and documents required for the beginning of the procedure.
  4. Interviews and home visits, people who begin processing application for recognition dependency.
  5. Social reporting of people who start the application procedure for recognition of dependency.
  6. Participation in the work arising from the Individual Assistance Program that the Department established.
  7. Tracking cases, with special attention to those who remain at home if getting a service or financial benefit.
  8. Processing of reviews dependence due to improvement or worsening, or having dependence on a temporary basis.
  9. Processing of possible changes in the file; change of address, transfer files to another CCAA, review of the Individual Care Programme, no change in professional caregiver, etc.
  10. Technical coordination with other services and resources in the area.
  11. Organization and implementation of training courses for carers, as the framework for action set from the Department of Social Welfare.
  12. Any other function derived from the effective implementation of the legislation on care for people in situations of dependency.

The Agencies are AMICS local information offices, mediation, counseling and guidance for the immigrant community, in order to put at their disposal all the resources that the government and other entities have in the matter.
These agencies are centers of attention to the immigrant population born as a complement to the services from the Valencian Government to offer the immigrant population in the process of integration in our society, promoting multiculturalism with the host society and coexistence.
These agencies promote, likewise, cooperation between the Valencian regional government and local authorities, investing in promoting the involvement of all entities of the social and economic life in building a united, tolerant and inclusive society and to facilitate all people living in Valencia, minimum welfare standards, as they are currently designed in almost all neighboring countries.

Attention to families and children
The General Social Services provide an initial focus on families and children through the figure of the social educator.
Assuming that the work of professionals in the municipal Social Services are divided into three main areas of intervention: individual and family work, group and community work, and service management, we can say that the functions of the social educator in individual and family work consists of:

  1. Detecting and preventing situations of risk or social exclusion.
  2. Receipt and analysis of the demands of individuals and families at risk and / or social difficulties.
  3. Development, monitoring and evaluation of individual social educational work plan.
  4. Information, guidance and advice from social benefits and resources that can facilitate educational action.
  5. Implementation and evaluation of support measures to strengthen the socio-educational component of the intervention on any person and especially those who have special difficulties in the process of socialization.
  6. Development of socio reports.
  7. Processing and monitoring of individual features such as support in the process of development of personal skills and social integration in the middle.
  8. Processing of proposals for referral to other professionals, municipal services or specialized services.

Specialized in Valencia care is provided by the Specialized Care Services Family and Children (SEAFI); in our town do not have this service as such, but in situations of individual or family need treatment with a child and / or his family, the social educator derives the same to Psicopedagógico Service Minor (SPAM).
This association provides services in the municipalities of the province of Castellon SEAFI not have, thanks to the agreement signed between them and the Provincial de Castellón agreement.