• W. Alós Valls “we celebrate that, finally, some works so demanded by the neighbors arrive”.
• Mari Carmen Ferri: “the expansion of the facilities must be accompanied by a 24-hour service and more services”

The Ministry of Health has finally awarded the works to expand the Moncofa outpatient clinic. This work includes reform works in the area of ​​extractions and treatments, in pediatrics, in five family medicine consultations, in the area of ​​care for women and in social work.
The company awarded the work was URBASUR ACTIVIADES DE CONSTRUCCION Y SERVICIOS, SL .. for an amount of 1,139,103.29 EUR, being the only offer submitted.
The Mayor of the town, Wences Alós Valls, is pleased that “the work has finally been awarded, after the problems that there were on the part of the Ministry to accept the assignment of the land. Problems that have already been left behind and we are left with the positive part that the works will begin shortly ”.
On the other hand, the Moncofa City Council considers that it is unavoidable to hold a meeting with the Minister of Health to discuss the expansion of the services provided in the Moncofa outpatient clinic. From the Councilor for Health, it has been repeatedly requested to hold a meeting with the Councilor for Health herself to discuss this matter without obtaining any kind of response.

Expand pediatrics, a family doctor and 24-hour care
Mari Carmen Ferri assures that “an extension of the pediatric hours is already beginning to be urgent, just as we consider it necessary to have one more family doctor, because the doctor-patient ratio far exceeds what is recommended, so there should be four family doctors in Moncofa instead of the current three. In addition, we understand that the most important thing is to have 24-hour continuous care, when currently, from 9 at night to 8 in the morning we have to go to the Nules Emergency Department because there is no medical service in Moncofa. After seeing how the population has grown in recent years, which increases much more with visitors in the summer months, it is already a pressing need ”.
As Mari Carmen Ferri, Councilor for Health, has already insisted several times, “the expansion of the services offered by the Ministry in the town is something that we have been demanding for a long time but that, now, should be feasible once the Generalitat has already awarded the works to expand the ambulatory ”.
Wences Alós Valls is satisfied that the Generalitat has already awarded the works. We regret that there has been so much delay, in no case because of the City Council, and we hope that it is already a matter of the past and that, now, the Generalitat meets the deadlines it has foreseen so that residents can have quality services in facilities adequate. ”

Published in the profile of the contractor of the Generalitat
The Generalitat has published in its profile of the contractor the award of the works for 1.1 million euros and has estimated an execution period of 15 months. In this way, if you meet the set deadlines, the clinic could be open by the end of 2022.
As confirmed by the Ministry of Health itself, the expansion of the new health center will take place, on the one hand, in the area of ​​the plot where the current health center is located, as well as in the plot adjacent to it, donated by Moncofa City Council for this purpose, therefore, the resulting plot where the current health center will be located and its expansion will be 1,233 square meters.
The works will involve a renovation intervention in the current health center that affects an area of ​​263.14 square meters, while the expansion of the new plant will mean an increase in the area of ​​577.66 square meters.
According to the Ministry of Health, the functional plan that will be developed for this expansion consists of a
extraction and treatment area, with a room for extractions and treatments; Pediatrics Area, with two consultations; Family Medicine Area, with five consultations; Women’s Attention Area, with a midwife’s office and a maternity education room, as well as a Social Work area, with an office.
The City Council gave the site, for the second time, a year ago
It should be remembered that four months ago, the Moncofa City Council once again insisted on the Generalitat to undertake the works to expand the outpatient clinic. And the councilor Mari Carmen Ferri did it because it is a project that has been pending since the mid-90s and that has been delayed for different reasons. But already in the May 2020 plenary session, the transfer was approved, for the second time, of the City Council plot where the expansion of the facilities has to be undertaken and which, in turn, also allows the expansion of the health services they receive the neighbors of the town.
It must be remembered that the Moncofa Government team again demanded in January that the Generalitat undertake the construction of the new ambulatory at once after many years of delays due to the damage it is causing to the residents of the municipality. This need becomes even more pressing at this time of the health crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic and when the Ministry of Health has decided to close the auxiliary health center since the beginning of the year and during all weekends.
And it is that the Moncofa City Council has had to approve two plenary agreements for the transfer to the Generalitat of the site for the ambulatory, on December 1, 1994 and May 2, 2020). The municipal plenary session had to repeat this assignment due to the inaction of the Generalitat, which neither accepted the previous assignment, because it considered that the conditions had to be modified after so many years without undertaking the works, nor did it waive said assignment so that it could be assigned new in the new condition it was claiming now.