Register of associations


What is it and what is it for:
Step to register in the Register and is necessary if an association of Moncofa wants to participate in calls for grants and, in general, in collaborative activities with the City.

Who can ask:
Any person or group of persons who are part of an organization, association, club, etc. that is duly registered in the General Register of Associations of the Generalitat Valenciana.

What documents must provide:

    1. Certified copy of the registration number in the General Register of Associations and other public records.
    1. Certified copy of the statutes.
    1. Certificate of the annual budget.
    1. Certified copy of the CIF.
    1. Program activities of the association.
    1. Certificate number of partners.
  1. Appointment of Representative Agreement and certified photocopy of your ID.

How much does it cost:

On what dates you can do:
All year.

How and where you can have:
In the Register of the City of Moncofa, documentation previously reviewed by the Department of Secretariat.

How long does the answer:
Generally, within 15 days.

What documentation is delivered:
Receipt of the request.

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icono_pdf Associations list