Local Police

Advice to citizens

  • Make sure the doors and windows of access to housing are perfectly closed. Remember windows opening onto patios are spending more access hidden from view of citizens and, therefore, are especially disadvantaged areas and with minimal risk for criminals
  • If you have lost your keys, change the locks; also if it occupies a house where a tenant lived previously. Whenever you leave, even for a moment, always close the door.
  • Valuables (jewelry, cameras, videos, watches, …) not hide in unexpected places: those who go after them are those who know them best. An inventory that includes serial numbers of manufacturing certain appliances, make and model, some pictures that can be identified and, if possible, leave them in a safe with a brand that identifies them will be the best step you can take to prevent theft and, if applicable, more easily recover avoiding marketing personified by this signal.
  • Your signature on documents worth much: Be careful that are not near their checkbooks to prevent forgery.
  • Do not leave your pet animals need to be cared for properly.
  • Take care that the abundance of mail in your mailbox does not betray his absence: ask a neighbor you trust to remove it frequently.
  • Do not count unknown before summer plans: it could leave many clues if your intentions are not good.
  • Everything in your home transmit appearance of being inhabited, will be a sure very effective caution: do not go completely blind, installed a programmable clock to illuminate the housing areas, turning on and off lights in the house at different times. ..
  • For any suspicious symptoms (on the website or loitering in the street, noises in unoccupied houses, ..) immediately call 112 or 964 580 136 LOCAL POLICE MONCOFA.