Plan Wifi 135


Steps to connect to the wireless network DIPCAS135:

  • ADJUSTMENTS searches your device list of available wireless networks . Choose
    DIPCAS135 . Wait for the word CONNECTED appears.
  • You are already connected / to the wireless network 135. Access to the Internet through any service or app ( google , whatsapp, facebook, etc ) . When you do a screen to register you will appear. Registration is to put yours email and password that you put . REPEAT : the user ( email ) and password are up to you.
  • With this username and password you have set , the registration is completed . This user and password you used to the 6 points DIPCAS135 wifi is in Moncofa.
  • After completing this point you can access the internet in places authorized to do so.
    plan_wifiRemember that this is a Wi-Fi connection only works outdoors, so even if your device detects the signal inside will not work.
  • When you grow DIPCAS user of the wireless network 135 there is a possibility of becoming USER RESIDENT . This allows you to have more connection times and more speed. To apply for resident status , you must go to the website of the City of Moncofa and fill the request there. After completing the application, Thou shalt not do anything else. We will approve resident status (if you correctly provided data ) and send you an email communicating that you already are .