Job bag

Note: exam taxes

In compliance with the regulatory tax ordinance, management rules, Article 7.1,  income system  will be self  liquidation.

It has established the following bank account to make the deposit:

La Caixa ES77 2100 4686 03 0200020662

  • Remark in paper banking income
  • Name and surname
  • Reason: type of examination fee
  • The bank income will be attach to the request.

Tax liability: Article 6 of the Regulatory Ordinance.

Rate reductions: Plenum 09/24/2015. If unemployed at the time of accrual, 90% reduction. The unemployment situation is evidenced by a certificate issued by the competent employment office, or by DARDE the date of accrual and be attached to the request.

Exemptions: art. 4.2. People with equal or greater than 33% disability. In these situations current at the time of accrual certificates will be provided for its application is considered appropriate and will be attached to the request.