Wences Alós Valls: “We are working to organize them if the Generalitat lifts the ban on the 27th”
MªTeresa Alemany: “Three hill bulls will be exhibited in Sant Antoni, two by Antonio Bañuelos and one by Jaralta”

The town of Moncofa will also have ‘bous al carrer’ on the street in October. The mayor, Wences Alós Valls, has announced that the celebration of these traditional festivities is planned for the festivities from 8 to 17 October, as has always been the case if the Generalitat approves the regulations and allows them to be held from the next September 27, as we have been assured plans to do.

Wences Alós Valls and María Teresa Alemany, councilor for Fiestas, met last afternoon with the “Moncofa Fiestas Management Board”, the “Fiestas Commission – La Clack”, and the bullfighting volunteers to communicate the decision to postpone a week the festivities in order to allow the realization of the bou al carrer, as all the people want.

The mayor of Moncofa has explained that “we trust that the Generalitat will confirm what it has transmitted this week in so many bullfighting circles and lift the unjustified punishment to which it has been subjected to the world of the bull. There is talk of very neutral measures and easy application, an acceptable protocol, as required by the Generalitat at the recent meeting in Vila-Real.

For the Councilor for Festivities, Maria Teresa Alemany, “we must fight to maintain our traditions and culture and therefore, if the Generalitat complies with what has been agreed, we will once again have parties with recreational, cultural, house and bullfights, all in accordance with current health regulations ”.

The festivities will be held from the 8th to the 17th of October and, in addition to the bullfighting activities, children’s activities, sports, cultural activities and shows of all kinds will also be scheduled. The councilwoman of festivities also wanted to highlight among the programming the patron saint’s day, Sant Antoni, which would be celebrated on October 10 with Mass and departure in procession accompanied by the Sociedad Unión Musical Santa Cecilia de Moncofa.

In addition, there will be a varied program of children’s activities, theater by “La Troupe Malabó”, a concert by the local group “Los Pájaros”, afternoon of sports, monologues, zumba, traditional dances by “Danses Biniesma”, etc. “Parties like the ones before but adapted to the new normal,” says María Teresa Alemany.

With regard to the casales, these must comply with the law in force at the time, with a closing time in accordance with current regulations and limitations of capacity and occupation of tables.