-The subsidy has been granted to the Cooperativa de Riegos de la localiad.

-The signing of the agreement took place last week at the town hall.

The Municipality of Moncofa has signed an agreement through which grants a grant of 20,000 euros to the Cooperativa de Riegos de la poblacion. According to the agreement reached between the parties, the municipality is committed to granting this subsidy for 3 years to the only cooperative of irrigation of the Moncofa.

The contract was signed between the mayor of the town Wences Alós, and the president of the Cooperativa de Riegos, Vicent Canós, and in the presence of the president of the Union of Irrigators, Joaquín Recatalá, the Councilor for Agriculture, Pedro Sales, and the First lieutenant of Mayor, José María Andrés.

The object of the contract is the “rational use of water in the municipality of Moncofa, encouraging the development of practices that reduce water consumption”. For Wences Alós “the agricultural sector is a fundamental piece in our population and in our community, we must look for ways to help it get out of the crisis in which it has been for years”.

Pedro Sales, Councilor for Agriculture “the municipality of Moncofa is also within the platform in defense of agriculture defending fair prices for the products but we saw the possibility of helping the sector through this agreement and we do not doubt it”.