• Wences Alós Valls: “The construction of breakwaters along the entire coastline of the municipality is essential, not only in the south”
  • Political associations and parties have joined in the claim.

The residents of Moncofa will take to the streets next Sunday to demand that the Government undertake the works to build the breakwaters that are needed to protect the municipality’s coast at once. After more than ten years of fruitless waiting, the Government team has promoted this initiative in which neighborhood groups, associations and all political groups have been involved.

Both the political parties and the associations (Asoc. Playa de Moncofa, Asoc. Veïns La Torre Camí Cabres and Asoc. Vecinos Sector C) met yesterday to specify the protest actions to promote the defense of the entire coastline of the town, actions of which this protest rally is only the first. At the meeting, it was decided to unanimously support the demonstration by car on Avenida Mare Nostrum and ending in the Cami Cabres called for this Sunday 22 at 19:30, and with departure in the parking lot of the tennis courts, behind the hermitage.

For this, it has already begun to distribute banners and protest material by associations and volunteers and thus claim this urgent need and that the Government already build the breakwaters on the beaches of Moncofa, thus stopping the continuous deterioration generated in the natural, historical and cultural heritage. tourist town.

Wences Alós Valls has assured that “if the Government carries out the breakwater project in Nules, the regression in the south of the municipality will worsen, making it essential to build the breakwater along the entire Moncofa coastline. Not only in the south, whose project is paralyzed by Costas, but also in the north, where Costas has not even started working on the project ”.

Faced with this situation, the mayor of Moncofa defends “the urgent need for the Government to carry out the works of the breakwaters on the town’s beaches at once to protect the natural, historical and tourist heritage, also to be able to boost opportunities of future of the tourist sector of the municipality ”.

For this reason, Wences Alós has held meetings with groups in recent weeks to make them aware that it is necessary to jointly claim some works that have been delayed for more than 10 years and that are essential to be able, also, to offer better opportunities for the future, to the self-employed and small businessmen of the municipality, in addition to attracting investment to the town.

Wences Alós Valls, explained that “the Moncofa neighborhood associations support the mobilizations in favor of the breakwaters because it is a serious problem that harms everyone in the municipality. The works are unavoidable because the deterioration of our coastline, our natural environment and our historical heritage are evident and, with each day that passes without the Government attacking these infrastructures, the damage will be greater and we run the risk that evil may come. to be irreparable “.

The mayor wanted to praise the union of all the political parties around the demands of the neighbors, “union for the need to carry out the defense of the coastline throughout the Moncofa coast, and in which all political parties go from the hand, how could it be otherwise ”.