The City of Moncofa takes advantage of the seasonal season to remodel the parks in the population. Last year’s actions (canine parks, street gymnastics, biosaludable elements, and different renovations) this year the town hall has invested € 40,000 in new facilities and in the repair or renovation of various existing parks.
In some of them only minor repairs or replacement of some element that was in poor condition, others have replaced the rubber floor or rubber has been installed where there was dirt but the most significant actions have been the installation first park of calisthenics and the creation of an adapted park.
The calisthenics park is located in the sports area of ​​Cami Vilavella in which in the present legislature in the sports area annexed have already installed goal posts and a basket of basketball. While the adapted park (which can also be used by children from 1 year) has been made next to the park of Senia, and consists of an adapted nest swing, an integration spring and an adapted sunflower.
The performances in parks and gardens will continue during what is missing the year and one of the ones that is pending to realize is the replacement of all the rubber floor in the park of the Senia, action similar to the realized in the park contiguous to the school Corma in which the ground has been replaced by rubber.
According to the town councilor, Pedro Sales “one after another we are reforming and repairing the parks of Moncofa, listening to neighbors and opposition, but also create new parks that respond to new demands of the people” (in clear reference to the park calisthenics , the adapted / infantile, the biosaludables and the canines, all created during this legislature).
According to the Mayor, Wences Alós, “we have taken advantage of the summer to carry out most of the performances in the town, taking advantage of the fact that people are on the beach and minimizing the inconvenience.”