The City Council of Moncofa has proceeded to the installation of new tourist signage in three points of the locality. After the performance last year in which for the first time information panels were installed in different languages ​​of the most significant tourist spots in the town this summer the City Council completed the performance with the installation of three new panels.

It has proceeded to the installation of a table in the park opposite the hermitage, next to the bus stop where a map of the whole municipality with the main tourist attractions of the town appears. A panel next to the tortoise reserve has also been installed, next to the area where the employment workshop is working, with which the aim is to inform about this protected species and its habitat. And finally a totem has been installed in an irrigation raft near the new football field with which it is a matter of remembering the agricultural past and present of the locality.

For Wences Alós, mayor of the town, “this action brings back the tourist resources of Moncofa, and completes the one realized last year. It is incomprehensible as a people that depends greatly on tourism had never done a signaling of its tourism resources before.