Moncofa City Council through the Department of Urban Planning has installed in various parts of the municipality aparcabicis, which together with the construction within the urban area of ​​a bike lane and cycle paths, will encourage the use of bicycles.

Specifically, 14 new points have been installed in the town, grao, and the Estanyol and Cami Cabres sectors, which, together with the 6 existing ones, will provide the municipality with a total of 20 bike parks, which will make it possible to travel by bicycle with the assurance that there is a area to park the bicycles.

It must be remembered that the promotion of the use of bicycles within the municipality was a request made by the students of the school in an interview they had with the mayor, Wences Alós.

These bike parks have been complemented with emblematic photos of the municipality, which will allow the enhancement of the tourist resources of Moncofa.

The councilman of Urbanism, Pedro Sales, indicates “with the placement of bike parks within the municipality and other measures such as the implementation of the bike lane and cycle paths, where the cyclist has priority over motor vehicles, is encouraging the use of bicycles, a sustainable and at the same time healthy means of transport, which reduces the pollution index.

Finally, Sales says “we will continue from the City Council doing more actions to promote this more sustainable means of transport”