• Wences Alós: “This meeting has been the first logical step after the Government has not reacted to the people’s request.”

The mayor of Moncofa has led the first meeting that the representatives of the municipality have held with the representatives of Coasts in Castellón to speed up the Government’s action and start the construction of the breakwaters that are urgently needed to save the town’s coastline. This has been transferred to Costas by the representatives of the ‘Espigones YA – Platges de Moncofa’ platform, made up of political parties and associations of the municipality to promote the construction of this infrastructure.
It must be borne in mind that almost a month and a half have passed since the Moncofa City Council promoted the massive demonstration that crossed the streets of the town’s beaches to demand the construction of the breakwaters, for which he requested this meeting to check on what state are the different projects. As a result of this initiative, this platform was established, which has as its main purpose to promote coastal defense projects reflected in the “Studies of coastal dynamics, defense and proposals for improvement on beaches with erosive problems considering the effects of climate change, among the port of Sagunto and the port of Castellón ”, approved by the Government of Spain in 2015.
Wences Alós Valls, mayor of Moncofa and spokesperson for the platform ‘Espigones YA – Platges de Moncofa’, explained that “this meeting is the first logical step after the Government has not reacted to the request of all the people”. It must be taken into account that this platform is made up of the mayor himself, the spokesmen of the four political parties with representation at the local level -PP, PSOE, Compromis and Podem- and the presidents of the three representative associations of the town’s beaches as they are the Playa de Moncofa Neighbors Association, the La Torre Neighbors Association and the Sector Neighbors Association – C.
The mayor, Wences Alós Valls, has transmitted to the media that “they have informed us on the one hand that the draft of the works that affect the south of the Belcaire river are in a very advanced state and pending the delineation in that area, they hope can also be resolved quickly. And on the other hand, in relation to the Grau beaches they have told us something that we have known since the beginning of the project, that it is a medium priority work and that the bidding for the drafting of their project should not be delayed ”.
After these explanations of an obvious technical nature, the members of the platform have agreed to hold a meeting during the second half of this month to assess future actions.
From the Espigones Ya – Platges de Moncofa Platform “we are not only talking about defending public infrastructures or private properties but also the historical, tourist and natural heritage of the municipality”.
Concession to build a bike lane on Mare Nostrum avenue
The meeting also addressed the City Council’s request to obtain the concession to build a bike path on Mare Nostrum avenue, which crosses the Grao de Moncofa from north to south. The Government Team wants to carry out this bike lane, which is paralyzed by the lack of response from Costas about the request made on March 10 last.