Before the imminent arrival of the cold drop to the Castellón coast, the council has mobilized all the means at its disposal. Moncofa City Council is being informed in a timely manner of the weather forecast to neighbors and preventively on Wednesday announced the suspension of classes and also all activities in recreational, cultural and sports buildings from noon on Thursday to midnight Friday
Remember that the municipality of Moncofa is one of the 19 municipalities of the province of Castellón at medium or high risk, and also one of the 6 that has an emergency and flood plan drawn up by the City Council and approved by the Generalitat Valenciana. This plan was approved at the end of last year and is in force in situations like the current one.
The municipality of Moncofa made the distribution of signaling means of the areas with the highest risk of flooding during Wednesday and also meetings of evaluation of the situation and planning of the actions with all the agents involved (Civil Guard, Local Police, Civil Protection, Municipal Brigade and Government team). For the Mayor of the locality “we are prepared although due to the intensity that can reach the cold drop the best thing is that everyone extreme precautions and prudence”.
And in this sense public advice has been made to the population as:
– Check the cleaning of downspouts and pipes.
– Remove vehicles from areas that may flood and move away from banks and ravines.
– In the moments of heavy rain avoid driving, if it is essential to drive on main roads and never cross with the vehicle fords or other flooded sections.
– While the rains last and in the following hours avoid taking the vehicles as it is possible that they can resume or can cause unnecessary danger situations.