-Under the Employment Plan Joint Town Hall-Provincial Council
-A total of € 44,850 will be allocated

The City Council of Moncofa has received a subsidy of € 4,850 from the Diputación de Castellón, within the Joint Employment Plan that will allow the hiring of 10 people for 3 months.

The total amount dedicated to this Employment Plan amounts to € 44,850, since the subsidy of the Provincial Council must be added € 40,000 municipal contribution.

The works of general interest that will be executed through this Plan will be the refurbishment of the area of ​​the Hermitage to provide accessibility and the adaptation of the sidewalk of the Avd. Diputación that gives access to the municipal cemetery.

The spokesman of the government team, José Maria Andrés, said “thanks to the subsidy of the provincial council and the commitment of the government team to the promotion of employment this summer 10 people will be hired for 3 months. With this Employment Plan, apart from giving jobs to 10 people, two zones of great affluence of people can be remodeled and adapted, such as the area of ​​the hermitage and the sidewalk that connects the municipality with the cemetery. “