The City Council today commemorated the 767th anniversary of the Carta Pobla de Moncofa with a symbolic act at the foot of the statue of Jaume I located in the Pla square of the municipality. The consistory has limited the celebration to the symbolism of the date of the constitution of Moncofa as a municipality, complying with it with the prevention that the current moment requires due to the pandemic.
The mayor, Wences Alós Valls, has assured that “despite everything, today is a holiday, a day of pride of being from Moncofa. This year has not been a good year, the pandemic has put us all to the test, many have lost family and friends, many people and many businesses are having a very bad time ”.
Even with all this, Alós Valls has assured that “Moncofa has been an example of strength, behavior and solidarity and, as on other dire occasions, it will come out stronger”.
The mayor thanked all the neighbors “for the behavior they have had and assuring them that if we continue to do things well, we will succeed.

Enhancement of culture and traditions
The mayor of Moncofa has highlighted the effort of the Municipal Government Team to preserve the culture, traditions and history of Moncofa. An effort that will materialize with the opening of the Museum of History and Ethnology of Moncofa (MHIEM).
“This project, like the fight against Covid-19, has to be a project of everyone’s effort, and together we will be able to make our people a better place than we received from our ancestors.”