The mayor receives in a symbolic way the document that signed the origin of the people.
Ramón Eugeni is in charge of representing the noble William of Moncada.

Once again the municipality of Moncofa turns to celebrate the anniversary of its Charter Puebla, which as every December 27 associations and neighbors of the municipality adorn the town to enjoy the party.
More than a hundred people have taken to the streets to accompany along the way the Drums and Bombos Santísisim Crist, Musical Society Santa Cecilia, Pensioners and Pensioners Belcaire, students of the Avel.lí Corma school, Biniesma Dances, Giant And Cabuts and Ladies and Knights of Uixó.

Ramón Eugeni has taken on the role of Guillem de Moncada, accompanied by Ainhoa ​​Julià, as the wife of the nobleman; this year, as a novelty, it was Cabut Bernat Mestre who participated in the act, who received the letter almost eight centuries ago. Puebla, which gave Moncofa its own identity. At the event, the mayor, Wences Alós, received a copy of the poor letter from Bernat Mestre’s hand.
For the mayor of the town “acts like yesterday are customs that have come to us thanks to the efforts of people who worked previously, that we must do our best to reach our children and grandchildren,” and referring to the current situation of the population affirmed that “although the coming years will not be easy for the City Council (referring to the need to meet the urbanization costs of 7-8 million of the Belcaire Sur PAI) in the in the social sphere the future has better prospects, as more and more people are encouraged to come and live with us, in a short time we will be 7000 neighbors, proof of the attractiveness that our population has been able to transmit and not only for the people but also for industries that are interested in settling in our village.
According to the councilor of culture Ana Gracia “It is a pride to see how the population of Monocofa participates every year in this act of self-identity”