The mayor says that it has been made compatible with a significant drop in debt.
The City Council of Moncofa has reduced the average payment time to suppliers, leaving it in 6 days. Far behind is the year 2011 when in the municipality, according to a sampling, the payment period was around 920 days, as explained by the mayor and councilor of finance, Wences Alós. In his opinion, “there is still much to be done”, but he considers that these results are “the result of the economic management being carried out by the current government team, because the companies that work for the local administration must charge on time. The administration must fulfill its obligations and not drown the companies that work with it, so they can keep their businesses open and pay their workers. ”
The average period of payment is considered to be the days elapsed from thirty days after the receipt of the invoice in an administration, so since an invoice enters the Moncofa Town Hall until payment is made, it transcends, on average, something more than a month.
Currently, the City of Moncofa, having increased the volume of expenditure makes payments biweekly, as a result of which the amount of bills pending payment has been reduced.
LESS DEBT / Also, in recent years have been practiced not only the repayment of debts legally required under the law of stability, but also, extraordinary debt repayments that have allowed to lower the level of indebtedness of the municipality of Moncofa in a considerable way . “The level of debt of the City Council that reached 100% in the past was in the liquidation of the year 2016 to 37.75% and it is expected that in the liquidation of the year 2017 it will decrease of 25%” assures the mayor.
However, despite the significant effort made in the payment of the debt, “and thanks to the policies implemented”, we have also managed to “lower the contribution, with the revision of the cadastral value of the houses and the reduction of 6% of the tax rate this year, decreasing the payments that the neighbors must make in 300,000 euros by 2018 ».