The Moncofa City Council has approved this Thursday to present allegations to the Castellón Territorial Action Plan (PATCAS) presented by the Consell. The Government team chaired by Wences Alós Valls convened an extraordinary session considering that the proposal put forward by the Generalitat Valenciana seriously harms residents and companies of Moncofa.
The extraordinary session convened expressly to deal with this issue was unanimous, by supporting the proposal of the PP both the PSOE groups, Compromís and Podemos. With different arguments, all of them agree that the proposal put forward by the regional government is very harmful and unfair.
In this sense, the mayor of Moncofa, the popular Wences Alós Valls, considers that PATCAS is so restrictive that in some cases it reaches the extreme of absurdity. “For example, it would not allow the expansion of the Moncofa cemetery or allowing the installation of horse breeding complexes on rustic land, it would not allow the installation of a stable for one or two horses by an individual.” ”
The allegations presented are of various kinds, from some against the use of a coastline demarcation line annulled by the National High Court to others that go along the lines of trying to soften the restrictions that are imposed.
The mayor has also explained that “according to PATCAS, there are houses or buildings that, having been built according to the law now, with this new legislation, would be out of order. PATCAS would not allow even basic maintenance works, such as an emergency repair or, for example, a roof repair ”.