General Information

Moncofa City Council has the task of making the beach, services and facilities a model of sustainable quality environment, a healthy space use and enjoyment familiar and accessible to all staff and an element that facilitates the promotion of tourism quality, involving citizens, service providers and public and private agents that act. Therefore the City strives to make the beaches of the municipality, in addition to sun and sand, a broadcasting standards of quality in line with the new summer residents fleeing the noise and daily pollution.
The first reference of quality on the beaches found in 1992 when the first blue flag was raised. This first flag promoted sustainable tourism development and environmental management of our coastline.

Then came the environmental awareness in the quality of our waters and the implementation of environmental management systems and quality emerged as the standard of character international ISO 9001 ISO 14001 for environmental management systems and systems for quality management. Later new quality indices add to the challenge with the introduction of the Q quality standard. The implementation of the integrated management system of quality and environment aims at a more respectful use of the natural environment are our beaches, and allow all users to enjoy a better quality of them.

The principle of integrated management of the beaches of Moncofa system is based on the Quality Policy and the Environment, adopted by the Plenum in 2005, which explains the requirements that the City Council is committed to carry out. The result of this policy and the implementation of the management system, the manager beaches body is established to organize and plan the needs in beaches.

Since the City Council have worked to establish and develop this integrated management system that allows the certification of these standards, to ensure a series of actions as lifeguard, cleaning and concessions, the manager beach body agrees . Management services and concessions are independent, but they are required a hygienic sanitary and efficient management of waste collection and separation.
Ultimately Blue Flag, the quality standards ISO 9001e and ISO 14000 environment, the Quality Q ICTE are mechanisms by which the public authority has to check and manage the quality and good beaches and offer Visitors parameters constantly improving year after year. Each of these standards has a different level of requirement, but all tend to give prestige to a greater or lesser degree to our beaches and ultimately to the town of Moncofa has achieved these titles.

The application of these international standards not only ensures that over time the beach will remain in the initial conditions, in compliance with European, national, regional and local environmental regulations. It also guarantees that the management be engaged in a process of continuous improvement.

This enables continuous improvement cycle year after year, the quality of services provided and the environmental benefits of the beaches in the municipality of Moncofa.
Improve and demonstrate that improvement, sanitation and environmental friendliness become therefore an essential element to satisfy the growing demand of tourists and visitors.