• Recently, the contract for the drafting of the project has been awarded.
• The City Council and the Ministry will ensure that the works are not delayed.

The Deputy Director General of Infrastructure of the Department of Health, Carolina Conesa, has informed the representatives of the City Council that on December 18 the bidding process for the drafting of the extension project of the Moncofa clinic was proceeded.
At the meeting, requested by the Municipality of Moncofa at the beginning of December were Wences Alós, Mayor of the town, and María Teresa Alemany, Councilor for Health. In it the Deputy Director of Infrastructure Carolina Conesa informed them of the tender for the drafting of the expansion project and the deadlines that are considered for the start and end of the works.
On the part of the municipality Wences Alos, showed a moderate satisfaction because “although it has been nearly two years since the Ministry announced the expansion of the ambulatory and so far has only managed to tender the drafting of the project we have a deadline for the end of the works, first quarter 2019. ”
We should bear in mind that the expansion of the Moncofa outpatient clinic is reflected in the budget of the Generalitat since 2016, when 200,000 € were allocated. For Maria Teresa Alemany “we have transmitted to the Ministry that we want and we all have to work in the same direction, to ensure that the service to the residents of Moncofa is the best”