The Moncofa City Council met this morning with a large delegation from the municipality’s hospitality sector to listen to their complaints and present the measures that the City Council is taking in the face of the mosquito plague. The mayor, Wences Alós Valls, met at 9:30 a.m. with more than 30 businessmen and women from the restaurant sector to talk about the current situation of the plague that is devastating the municipalities of Nules and Moncofa.

Wences Alós Valls explained, after the meeting, that “we understand the situation and their complaints, and we have explained to them that the City Council is doing everything within its power. But this is a supramunicipal problem and, therefore, we miss the involvement of the Generalitat Valenciana, which has been profiled. The Generalitat must get involved and assume its responsibility, because it is also a health and pest control problem”.

The mayor of Moncofa has assured that “the City Council is on the side of the hoteliers and other sectors, such as agriculture, which are being affected by the plague of mosquitoes because their problem is our problem. For this reason, and despite the fact that we have been working for months on mosquito prevention and extinction tasks, we are now constantly redoubling treatments. We work throughout the year to promote the tourism sector so that it benefits from these summer months and we are using all the means at our disposal, but this problem has been caused by the chaos that has occurred on the Pou de Nules estate where we can’t do anything.”

Moncofa appreciates the work of the Provincial Council and asks for greater involvement of the Generalitat

During the meeting, the mayor also explained that just as the City Council has redoubled its efforts, so has the Provincial Council, which is the one that acts in rural areas, the origin of the current plague. In fact, the main focus of the problem is not even in the municipality but rather in neighboring Nules, in what is known as the Pou estate, next to the northern edge of the municipality.

“We are in close contact with the Provincial Council and we know that they are putting all the means at their disposal, something that is appreciated, however, we greatly miss the involvement of the Generalitat and that the current measures are complemented with aerial treatments.”

The mayor of Moncofa has demanded that the Generalitat Valenciana assume its responsibilities once and for all and carry out firefighting work directly, as well as being more permissive when approving flights to carry out aerial treatments on the ground. “Health and treatment against pests in rural areas are your responsibility, so we urge you from the Moncofa City Council to assume it once and for all.”

The mayor of Moncofa explains that “we believe that the relaxation of the conditions and the reduction of the deadlines for the authorization of aerial treatments is necessary, but not sufficient. The current system, as is being shown year after year, does not work, and we believe that the Generalitat should assume aerial treatments, in this way the necessary and rapid action would be facilitated before the spread of the plague occurs, in addition to its control. . We are sure that the dramatic situation this year is directly related to the delay in the first aerial treatment. While experts spoke that it was inexplicable that it had not been held in mid-April, we still had to wait until the end of May.”