The Moncofa City Council has appealed to all the residents of the municipality to take extreme precautionary measures and avoid any risk situation that could cause infections by the coronavirus. The Consistory has decided to make this appeal due to the rebound in positives in recent days despite the fact that the official data it is offering from the Generalitat is much lower than reality.
Thus, according to the confirmations that the Moncofa City Council itself is receiving, the real numbers of infections multiply by up to six the official data that the Ministry of Health is offering on its website. In fact, the current rate is 567 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, which would correspond to 37 cases of positive PCR in the last 14 days, compared to 6 reported on the website.
Wences Alós Valls, mayor of Moncofa, has assured that “this is the worst data since the beginning of the pandemic, since there are six times more infected than those appear in the official lists of the Generalitat. Therefore, we request the maximum precaution and that measures be taken to avoid contagion by COVID-19. We want to prevent the number of people affected by a sense of false security from increasing even more, because the truth is that we are at the most delicate moment of the crisis ”.
That is why the mayor, Wences Alós Valls, wants to emphasize that “we are responsible, take care of ourselves and take care of our loved ones. Let’s use the mask, wash our hands and avoid situations that can facilitate infections. In short, let us be very cautious and follow all the indications and advice to help reduce the level of contagion ”.
Maximum sensitivity of the Government team
It must be remembered that the Government team of the Moncofa City Council has adopted many measures to help improve security and alleviate the effects caused by this health crisis since last March, when the restrictions caused by the pandemic began. The Government team led by Wences Alós is making a special effort to promote actions that improve both the safety of neighbors, as well as to help families who are at risk of social exclusion, without forgetting measures to promote economic activity and save all possible jobs among small entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs at Moncofa.