• Wences Alós Valls: “We ask the Generalitat, in the face of this health emergency, to assume its responsibility and carry out aerial treatments”

The City Council of Moncofa is throughout the week reinforcing the treatments against mosquitoes in the face of the proliferation of this plague. The company contracted by the city council works throughout the year against the mosquito, a plague that has been installed in the Community for approximately a decade, however the outbreak that has occurred these days has caused the situation to get out of control in a generalized way in the south of the coast of Castellón”.
In this way, the work teams of the Moncofa City Council are redoubling the extermination and prevention treatments in the urban area, which began before Easter, while at the same time reinforcing the work carried out by the company contracted by the Provincial Council that usually works in rural plots outside the urban area of ​​the municipality.
Wences Alós Valls, mayor of Moncofa, has assured that “we know that this problem, which affects the entire region and the coastline of the province, is very harmful both for the residents and the tourists who come to visit us, as well as for the entire commercial and hotelier of the town, as well as the people who work in the field. These days we are expanding the scope of action to the rural environment since the Diputación is focusing on the main and largest focus that is located in the Finca del Pou de Nules, just 50 meters from the first homes in Moncofa.
The mayor of Moncofa, in addition, has demanded that the Generalitat Valenciana, in a letter, assume its responsibilities once and for all and take charge of carrying out firefighting work directly, as well as being more permissive when approving flights for carry out aerial treatments on the ground. “Health and pest treatment in rural areas are your responsibility, so we urge you from the Moncofa City Council to assume it once and for all.”
In said letter, addressed to the president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, Wences Alós Valls requests a meeting, “together with representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Health, to establish mechanisms to combat the mosquito plague that is devastating our municipality, and many others in the Community”.
The mayor of Moncofa explains that “we believe that the relaxation of the conditions and the reduction of the deadlines for authorization of aerial treatments is necessary, but not sufficient. The current system, as is being shown year after year, does not work, and we believe that the Generalitat should assume aerial treatments, in this way the necessary and rapid action would be facilitated before the spread of the plague occurs, in addition to its control. . We are sure the dramatic situation this year is directly related to the delay in the first aerial treatment carried out by the Diputación. While experts spoke that it was inexplicable that it had not been held in mid-April, we still had to wait until the end of May.”