The Moncofa City Council has just launched two employment workshops that will create up to 50 jobs for unemployed people in the municipality in 2022. This is an important commitment by the municipal government team, which has as one of its main objectives Legislature improve job opportunities in the town and improve professional training for residents at risk of exclusion. These workshops are financed through Labora, of the Generalitat Valenciana.
José María Andrés, first deputy mayor of Moncofa, has ensured that “with the launch of these two employment workshops we fulfill a double objective, since it must be taken into account that these are mixed, training and occupation programs. Students will be trained and will obtain professional certificates that will help them to have more options when entering the labor market and, on the other hand, they will carry out work of general interest within the municipality to improve infrastructure, guarantee a better quality of life and beautify the entire municipal area ”.

And it is that on December 23, the Moncofa City Council launched two employment workshops, specifically one for people over 25 years of age and the other for people under 30 years of age. Each of the workshops has two modules, one for gardening and the other for masonry. In each of the modules, 10 people will be hired, along with the management staff.
It should be taken into account that the two masonry modules aim to improve accessibility on the sidewalks, while the one over 25 will also be in charge of fencing a municipal plot. In addition, the workshop for those under 30 years of age will also be in charge of embellishing the area of ​​the hermitage on Moncofa beach with a staircase.
Regarding the two gardening modules, the hired people will be in charge of improving and maintaining the green areas of the municipality, especially in the recreational and recreational environment in the landscaped area of ​​the paelleros of the Belcaire river, and the employment workshop for the youngest, called T’Avalem, it will be dedicated to the improvement and maintenance of the entire blue path that crosses the municipality of Moncofa.
In this way, these until now unemployed people from Moncofa will have training, with a certificate of professionalism, in addition to having a job with a salary and that they will contribute to improving the services and quality of life of the residents of Moncofa.
José María Andrés explained that “getting employment workshops to help the unemployed of the town continues to be a key bet for the government team. It is great news that we already have two employment workshops in the same year because we help improve training and open future job opportunities for many people from the town who, otherwise, could have it more complicated in the short term to obtain a decent job ”.
It should be borne in mind that on the 22nd, precisely one day before the start-up of these employment workshops, the occupation workshop for 2021 was closed. work of our neighbors ”, has pointed out José María Andrés.