• José Mª Andrés: “It is a necessary action due to the great deterioration of the sewerage network in this area”

The Moncofa City Council will invest € 39,559.99 in improving the municipality’s sewerage network, specifically on Ramón y Cajal avenue and Vicente Ramón Alós street. This is an investment from a line of aid from the Castelló Obres Reactivem Plan, of the Castellón Provincial Council.

José María Andrés, first deputy mayor of Moncofa, explained that “this is a very necessary action to improve the services of the residents of the area, since said network is very deteriorated. They are works that are not seen, but that are essential to guarantee the quality of life of the residents ”.

In fact, the Moncofa City Council is making a very important commitment to improve the sewerage network in the municipality, as evidenced by the fact that it awarded the work with the most important budget in recent years in plenary session this July . It is a work of about 600,000 euros to improve the sewerage in Almirante Cervera and Peruga streets, which have long required a deep renovation to improve the services of the residents of the area.