• José Mª Andrés: “This power plant is another example of our commitment to green and environmentally friendly policies”

Moncofa, August 13, 2021.- The City Council of Moncofa will build before the end of the year the first power line in the town to encourage the use of more sustainable and environmentally friendly vehicles. This is possible once you have already received the official notification of a grant of € 10,612.80 to undertake a total investment of € 13,266 with the aim of installing a charging point for electric vehicles.
José María Andrés, first deputy mayor of Moncofa, responsible for processing the subsidies, has assured that “we will have an electric line in the town before the end of the year because there are more and more people with electric vehicles both among our neighbors and of people visiting us, especially in summer. This infrastructure is another example of the commitment of the government team led by Wences Alós for green policies, which help pollute less and make it easier for us all to be more environmentally friendly.
This line of aid, to improve energy efficiency in public services, are from the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (IVACE) of the Generalitat Valenciana.
It should be remembered that recently, in this line, the City of Moncofa decided to extend the bonus that applies to the road tax to owners of both electric and hybrid vehicles. The Plenum of the City Council of Moncofa approved at the end of July a new bonus of 75% of the circulation tax for electric vehicles, so that it will reduce the tax burden of its neighbors despite the fact that it was already one of the municipalities that charges less for this concept among the peoples around it.
In this way there will be three bonuses, which are allowed by law. That is, the 100% rebate on older vehicles, the 50% rebate on hybrid vehicles and we are now introducing a 75% rebate on the electric vehicle circulation tax.