The Moncofa City Council has criticized the Government’s inaction when it comes to guaranteeing the infrastructure of the municipality’s coastline and that it generates serious damage every time a storm occurs. This has happened again this weekend, with the storm Filomena, which has caused numerous damages despite the fact that the municipality has been demanding the works for many years now.
The mayor of Moncofa, Wences Alós Valls, has assured that “the storm Filomena highlights the need for Costas to act urgently on the entire coastline of the municipality and the southern coast of Castellón, in general. It is unfortunate that in the General State Budgets for 2021 the Government continues without contemplating a sufficient economic endowment to undertake this fundamental improvement for the safety of the neighbors, as well as to improve the opportunities of the hotel and commercial sector in the south of the province ”.
“The inaction of the Central Government with regard to coastal defense projects causes that, every few months, and whenever there is a storm, floods and damages are suffered, often serious. Moncofa is a tourist reference in summer, but in winter the Government condemns us not to be able to be so as well and that the high season can be extended due to this inaction, which hurts many small businessmen and freelancers ”, Alós Valls assured.
The reality is that this lack of infrastructure on the coast is something that has been dragging on for a decade and the effect of storms and waves are not only a matter of climate change, but also of the lack of actions of the central government itself, with the barrier of the port of Burriana, which aggravates the damaging effects to the south.
The mayor of Moncofa explained that “the Government must act now, without further delay. And not only in the projects that are already being drafted, such as that of the river to the south, which would affect the Camí Cabres, but also putting out to tender projects that affect the Grao de Moncofa, which is constantly suffering damage and flooding. At these points there are defenses, but over the years they are wearing out and they are clearly insufficient. The Government must act now At other points, without breakwaters, the government’s inaction means that at some points the sea has penetrated more than 150 meters inland, engulfing farmland, roads, power lines, etc ”.