The Moncofa City Council will help the young people of the municipality who are studying outside the municipality through the creation of a new line of subsidies aimed at covering part of the cost of transport to carry out those studies. They will be able to access the aid for young people aged between 12 and 25 who are registered in Moncofa with a minimum of one year of experience at the time of application and who are studying in public or charter schools.

The mayor, Wences Alós Valls, has explained that “we created this new resource available to the families of our town to help them face the costs of their children’s studies, giving them all the facilities to encourage them to maintain their residence in Moncofa. We continue working to improve the quality of life of our neighbors, and we encourage the younger population of Moncofa to continue living here throughout the year in equal conditions and opportunities compared to other larger cities.”

It must be taken into account that these mobility grants for students registered in Moncofa contemplate aid for the following studies carried out outside the municipal area of ​​Moncofa: Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO), Baccalaureate, Vocational Formation of Middle Grade, Higher Education (university education and Higher Degree Professional Training), and studies at the Professional Conservatory of Music and Dance.
The grading will be as follows:
1 point if the studies are completed within the region of La Plana Baixa: €300 (maximum)
1 point and a half if the studies are completed outside the region of La Plana Baixa, but within the province of Castellón: €450 (maximum)
2 points if the studies are completed outside the province of Castellón: €600 (maximum)
We remind you that all students who already have transport grants or their gratuity will be exempt from this grant.

The Councilor for Education and Culture, Ana Gracia, has pointed out that “in the evaluation of the aid, it will be taken into account, as indicated in the rules, if the studies are carried out within the region of La Plana Baixa or outside the same but within the province of Castellón, or if they are carried out outside the province. The further the distance, the greater will be the subsidized amount. We want to help families and promote the opportunities of our young people, and I am convinced that by incorporating this new resource we will complete the action of our city council in this sense”.

The aid application period will be from the day following its next publication in the Official Gazette of the Province (BOP) until October 24, 2022 (included).