The Diputación de Castellón will distribute three defibrillators to Moncofa and will take charge of the training of the people who will manage it, within the program of prevention of cardiovascular risk that turns our province into the first cardioprotected territory of Spain.
The spokesman for the government team, José María Andrés, stressed the importance of having defibrillators to combat sudden death. “The Diputación de Castellón, aware of the importance of health for people, has wanted the province to be the first cardioprotected territory in Spain.”
Andrés has pointed out the importance of defibrillators in cases of cardiac events because “having one of them at hand can be the difference between life and death.”
To point out that the municipality of Moncofa already has two defibrillators of its own in the premises of the Local Police, which will now have to add the three defibrillators that will be provided by the Diputación de Castellón and which will be installed in the Football Field, the Sports Center, in The School and in the area of ​​the Beach.