Magistrate’s court

General information

The first step of the Spanish judicial organization is the Magistrates Court and the Moncofa the holder thereof and in charge of the Civil Registry Judge is Mrs. Gloria Arias Arnau, appointed by the High Court on a proposal of the respective municipality, whose primary mission trying to reconcile the competing interests, preventing them from reaching higher.
The staff of the City Council is served by the administrative part of the Magistrates Court, where Ms. secretary. Marina Isach. There is also an administrative City Council, which is Mr. Manuel Carcelen Gregori.

Location: The Magistrates Court and Civil Registry is in the City Hall, Constitution Square, # 1-under.

Hours: Office hours to the public and professionals is set from 10:30 to 13:30 hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with the phone 964 580 421, extension 219.


1. Regarding CIVIL REGISTRY: What is inscribed in the Civil Register: In the Civil Registry enroll:

  • The birth.
  • Filiation.
  • The name and changes on them.
  • Emancipation and empowerment of age.
  • Judicial capacity changes of persons or that they have been declared bankrupt, bankruptcy or receivership.
  • Statements of absence or death.
  • Nationality and neighborhood.
  • Custody, guardianship and other representations pointing Law.
  • Marriage.
  • The demise.

All information concerning registration practicing Civil Registry and the necessary documentation for it and the relevant forms can be found by clicking here: and within this page Citizen’s section:

Personal formalities.

Apart from the inscriptions and in relation to the Civil Registry can apply for the following applications, the requirements and conditions set out on the website of the Ministry of Justice and within this page in paragraph Citizen Care:

Personal formalities.       

  •  In connection with the person and family
    • Consult Birth Certificate consult
    • Consult Marriage Certificate consult
    • Death record check consult
    • Certificate of Faith Life and consulting State consult
    • Changing Your name check consult
    • Rectification registration of sex consult consult
  • Last Will and Life Insurance
    • Certificate of Last Will consult
    • Certificate of Insurance Contracts consult death cover consult
  • Criminal record
    •  Criminal record Certificate consult
    •  Request for Cancellation of Criminal Background consult
  • Nationality
    • Obtaining Spanish Nationality consultar
    • Online consultation of records Spanish nationality by residence consultar
  • Lawyers and Attorneys
    • Recognition of Professional Title Barrister and Solicitor coming from the European Union or the European Economic Area States. consultar
    • Recognition of Professional Title Barrister and Solicitor except from the European Union or the European Economic Area States: the recognition of foreign qualifications and the procedure of legal citizenship exemption. consultar
    • Issuance of Professional Title Attorney Court consultar
  • Severance
    • Compensation for Performance of Justice Administration consultar
  • Religious institutions
    • Registration in Registry of Religious Entities consultar
  • Apostille Convention
    • Single legalization or Apostille in the Hay consultar
  • Nobility titles
    • Recognition and rehabilitation of peerages and Greatnesses consultar
  • Deposits and judicial consignments
    • Deposit accounts and Judicial Consignations consultar

Other procedures

  • Transfer of registration of birth Civil Registry Civil Registry rise to Moncofa.
    • Documents required:
      • Literal birth certificate
      • Id/DNI
      • Certificate of registration.

If it transfers birth of minors also it is accompanied by the Family Book, the DNI and registration certificates of the parents.

  • Processing file civil marriage and subsequent celebration. ( icono_pdf Request form )
  • Duplicate family book. To request a duplicate Family book is necessary to appear before the Civil Registry of the municipality where it is empadronado where informed of the procedures to be followed.
  • Registration of marriage contracts. To request the registration of the marriage must appear before the Civil Registry has registered marriage with three copies of the notarial deed of marriage contracts. ( icono_pdfRequest form )
    If you want to register simultaneously to the marriage must provide three copies indicated the day of marriage for concurrent enrollment.
  • Translation into the Valencian. ( icono_pdf Request form )
    • Documents required:
      • Literal birth certificate.
      • Certificate of registration.
      • Id/DNI.
  • Changing the name commonly used. ( icono_pdf Request form )
    • Documents required:
      • Literal birth certificate.
      • Certificate of registration.
      • Id/DNI.
      • All documents in your possession including the name commonly used and which want to change your previous name.
  • Acts of judicial cooperation – Warrants – (to prevent movement at the head of the judicial party).


  • Prosecution and resolution processes for the following minor offenses: Offenses against persons: Threats, coercion, insults, humiliations, etc.
    • Offenses against property: Turbidimete real estate.
    • Offenses against the general interests: Abandonment of syringes or other dangerous instruments cruel mistreatment of pets or other.
    • Offenses against public order: Disturbances of public order.
  • To file any complaint is appropriate to appear before the Magistrates Court where he was informed of the procedures to follow.
  • Prevention or criminal proceedings delegated by the head of judicial party.
  • Acts of judicial cooperation (Warrants) used to deliver documents, orders, etc. citizens and avoid having to move to the head of the judicial district (Nules) and even any court of Spain.


  • Celebration of Acts of Reconciliation, whatever the amount.
  • They are also in the Magistrates Court available to users demand models for payment procedure in claim amount.
  • Acts of judicial cooperation – Warrants – (to prevent movement at the head of the judicial party).