General information

Welcome / as the space dedicated to the youth of Moncofa. A space where / young Moncofa will enjoy different areas to develop their concerns, questions, projects or any skill that can enhance youth participation within the municipality.

From the Department we worked for the / young whoever organizes, manages and energizes youth policies. That is, the / the youth Moncofa are the rules that dictate how to work everything relates to youth.

The physical space is the Casal Jove, where you can go and be served by our specialist. Casal Jove is a specially aimed at all young people with the aim of getting a plural, broad and diversified information, and personalized attention. Here we collect, treat, process and disseminate all the information that is generated in society and which may be of interest to you.

You have at your disposal free internet for one hour daily and wifi environment; the only requirement is to be 12 years old.

We offer information and advice on topics such as:

  • oppositions
  • organizations and addresses
  • awards and competitions
  • sexuality
  • Entertainment: Leisure
  • Tourism and travel
  • housing
  • volunteering
  • and anything that might be of interest
  • cultural activities
  • youth associations
  • scholarships and grants
  • free Internet
  • courses
  • drug addiction
  • education
  • information cards: Youth Card, Student, etc.
  • information on AIDS
  • employment
  • Hostelling issuing cards

The schedule of Casal Jove Monday through Thursday from 15-21 hours.
Our telephone number is 964579312 and email:
We blog
And we are on Facebook, you can find the Casal Jove Moncofa in this social network.

Councillor for Youth