Moncofa will pay tribute to José Monje Cruz “Camarón” with a great show called “Soy Gitano” which will be staged at Plaza Na Vionat de la Playa next August 13 at 22.45h.

For the mayor of Fiestas, Maria Teresa Alemany, choosing Moncofa as a place for this tribute “is a source of pride and celebration that our city welcomes a tribute to some of the best flamenco singers since their art and their essence is still alive between US”.

The directors of the show have emphasized that to pay tribute to the artist Camarón is something very complicated because he had a voice almost unrepeatable, that is why they had to search a lot until they decided to sing by José Díaz “El Fosi”. In addition, they point out that there will be dramatic surprises with his texts and others inspired by Lorca and other poets.

But the training is not there, the Spanish dance will come from the hand of the dancer Ana Llopis, who comes from acting in the opera of Ulan Bator, and different cities of China.

For the rest of the show, there will be a large cast of high-level artists within the world of flamenco. All this with the aim of liking who does not know about this and loves the one who knows.

The performance will also include the percussionist and gypsy dance expert Kevin Muñoz, along with guitarist Ramón Jarque, winner of the Valencia Flamenco International Guitar Competition. A show that will also feature Joan Herrero and Toni Porcar, who will bring the cosmopolitan variety to the concert.

This tribute to Camarón de la Isla will allow all those who come to see him to enjoy the most representative themes of Camarón. An action that will also have a voice-over that will refer to the relationship of the Cádiz singer with Paco de Lucía, India or the world of gypsies.

From the council of parties of Moncofa take the opportunity to invite everyone to enjoy a great tribute next Sunday 13 August at 22.45h in the Plaça Na Violant of the Beach of Moncofa.

An event that flamenco fans of the province can not miss.