The Mayor of Moncofa, Wences Alós Valls, has shown his disappointment at the “poor” result obtained in the meeting with representatives of the Generalitat Valenciana at the headquarters of the Generalitat in Castellón. Despite the fact that 3 General Managers (Health, Environment and Agriculture) and the Head of the Emergency Service attended, “the commitment in the daily fight against mosquitoes has been scarce”.
The Generalitat has committed to put into operation a network of monitoring and detection of the mosquito of the marsh in addition to a series of brigades (without specifying the means) as of December 1.
The mayor of Moncofa believes that while it is positive that the Government put means, a series of brigades, which considers limited, warns that the Consell continues discarding the air treatment that, according to the mayor, “must be complementary to terrestrial and fundamental in the first moment to stop the spread of the plague “.
Moncofa has put in the meeting of manifest the need to find a system in which, with the active participation of the Generalitat, and not with an exceptional performance as the current one, it is possible that this situation does not happen again.
According Wences Alós “soon, it is possible that even before the Generalitat acts, the cold will come and will end the problem. But the Generalitat must prepare for future episodes that do not understand municipal boundaries, something that they continue without even considering, leaving alone the city councils, reaffirming their vision that it is an exclusively municipal competition. ”
In the meeting some of the Directors General even showed the ignorance of similar episodes in the past months evidencing ignorance of the Generalitat regarding this serious problem that affects the citizens of Moncofa and La Plana Baixa.