Electronic certification

Moncofa City Council has signed an agreement with the Agency for Technology and Electronic Certification (LCCA).
The LCCA is the entity of the Generalitat Valenciana that provides electronic certification to guarantee security in administrative procedures via the Internet.

What practical use has an electronic certificate?
Having an electronic certificate, both individual (private) and representative of a legal person (company, association, foundation, etc.), for example, essentially allows the following main functions:

  • Reliably and safely prove identity over the Internet to public bodies (City, State Tax Agency, etc.), financial institutions (online banking), insurance companies, airlines, etc.
  • Signing an electronic document easily and safely allowing the intended recipient can confirm the identity of the signer and the signed document is not altered. The Certification Authority certifies that the electronic signature corresponds to the signer. That is the reason that the certificates are signed, in turn, by the Certification Authority that issues them.

Any citizen of the city applying for the issue of electronic signature can do so by going to the Department of Information and Register of the City providing the original national identity document or, where necessary, passports.

More information: www.accv.es