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Moncofa installs bicycle parking in the municipality

Moncofa City Council through the Department of Urban Planning has installed in various parts of the municipality aparcabicis, which together with the construction within the urban area of ​​a bike [...]

07/12/2017|Categories: Actualidad|

Moncofa starts the Christmas campaign.

The municipality of Moncofa starts this week the activities scheduled for this Christmas. The first acts will take place this Wednesday, December 6, being the food of brotherhood with the elders of the town in the MONMAR restaurant and the children’s theater, at 6:00 p.m., in the house of culture for the little ones. On Friday at 12 noon will be the opening of the Moncofa Food & Street Art, in the Plaza de la Constitución, with a large number of food trucks, contests, children’s entertainment, live performances, DJs, magicians, etc. The following weekend (December 15, 16 and 17) will take place the Christmas fair from 11 am to 11 pm, in the same Plaza de la Constitución. A fair in which, in addition to the typical Christmas stalls, local businesses will participate and there will be children’s activities, craft stalls, “the house of Santa Claus”, children’s shows, a carousel, … That same Saturday at 6 pm concert of the young band to the multifunctional, and on Sunday, from 4:00 pm “Aguinaldo Solidario” with the Grup de Danses Biniesma, which will travel the streets of the town collecting food. On Thursday, December 21st at 6:30 p.m. in the Casa de la Cultura recital of Clarinetes with the presence of two prestigious international musicians, Juan Antonio Porcar and the renowned local musician, José Franch Ballester. The following weekend will also feature activities on Saturday 23 with a storyteller for the kids, at 5pm on Calvario Street, and on Christmas Eve, from 11 to 14 with activities in the town hall square that will be visited by Pope Noel. The following week will be open the “Escoleta de Nadal” from the 26th to the 29th in the CEIP Avel.li Corma to which the smallest of the population can go while their parents continue with their chores. On Wednesday, December 27, the traditional “Carta Pobla” will be celebrated, an act that commemorates the founding of the town of Moncofa as a town after the reconquest. The commemorative parade will leave from Castellón Street and end with a snack in the lower town hall. In Moncofa, this Christmas, you can not miss the traditional race San Silvestre, with departure and arrival at the gates of the town hall and will start at 18:30, with the collaboration of Club Squidward. And of course some of the associations of the population will also participate in the Christmas activities, such as the Association of Pensioners and Retired Belcaire that on the 29th at 6 pm, at the house of culture, they will perform a Christmas carol recital. The following day the carol recital will take place in the church of Santa Mª Magdalena in charge of the parish choir, and later the flamenco party on the night of the 30th organized by the Andalusian Association of Moncofa. This year, after the success of last year, the chimes can be enjoyed in a large tent located in the plaza of the Constitution enlivened by Gustavo Paradís with its wide repertoire. Just after the bells will take place the start of the party to which the attendance of numerous public is expected. The New Year will begin with an evening of cinema for the little ones on day 3 at the house of culture and a children’s morning “special wise men” from 11 am to 2 pm with numerous games. The Christmas holidays will end, as it can not be otherwise, with the expected ride of kings, day 5. The cagalgata will leave from the surroundings of the Civil Guard barracks and end with the delivery of the gifts brought by the Magi and the collaboration of the Association of Tambors and Bombs of the Christ of the Agony. In this same act will also proceed to the draw of the Christmas basket of the campaign organized by the Town Hall “Buy to teu poble.” For the Councilwoman of Celebrations Maria Teresa Alemán “we are sure that the neighbors of Moncofa, and the people who come to spend Christmas in our city, will enjoy this wide program because, these dates, Moncofa is also a town full of activities”

05/12/2017|Categories: Actualidad|

Edict grant / refusal grant textbooks 2016/17


28/11/2017|Categories: Actualidad|

Qualifications employment workshop

The final qualifications of students and management, teaching and administrative assistant have been published. Link

23/11/2017|Categories: Actualidad|

Final list and date of examination of the bag of Technician of Quality, Environment and Prevention of Labor Risks

A definitive list and examination date are published on the Stock Market of Quality, Environment and Prevention of Occupational Hazards. List

23/11/2017|Categories: Actualidad|

Conference “Social Economy Enterprises, an opportunity for the occupation”

The next day, October 4, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in the C / Human Rights 11 (Center of Associations), will take place this day. Registration at the telephone [...]

02/10/2017|Categories: Actualidad|

Moncofa renews its parks

The City of Moncofa takes advantage of the seasonal season to remodel the parks in the population. Last year's actions (canine parks, street gymnastics, biosaludable elements, and different renovations) this [...]

11/09/2017|Categories: Actualidad|


Tasting rice in all its varieties, is what the City of Moncofa presents through the Department of tourism. From August 31 to September 10 a dozen restaurants will be the [...]

04/09/2017|Categories: Actualidad|

Moncofa installs new tourist signage.

The City Council of Moncofa has proceeded to the installation of new tourist signage in three points of the locality. After the performance last year in which for the first time information panels were installed in different languages ​​of the most significant tourist spots in the town this summer the City Council completed the performance with the installation of three new panels. It has proceeded to the installation of a table in the park opposite the hermitage, next to the bus stop where a map of the whole municipality with the main tourist attractions of the town appears. A panel next to the tortoise reserve has also been installed, next to the area where the employment workshop is working, with which the aim is to inform about this protected species and its habitat. And finally a totem has been installed in an irrigation raft near the new football field with which it is a matter of remembering the agricultural past and present of the locality. For Wences Alós, mayor of the town, “this action brings back the tourist resources of Moncofa, and completes the one realized last year. It is incomprehensible as a people that depends greatly on tourism had never done a signaling of its tourism resources before.

24/08/2017|Categories: Actualidad|

Decree of approval of bases of the place of intendant of the local Police

Below are attached the bases for the mayor's seat of the local Police of the City of Moncofa Bases

22/08/2017|Categories: Actualidad|