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The Moncofa City Council will invest almost 40,000 euros in improving the sewerage in Ramón y Cajal and Vicente Ramón Alós

• José Mª Andrés: "It is a necessary action due to the great deterioration of the sewerage network in this area" The Moncofa City Council will invest € 39,559.99 in [...]

19/08/2021|Categories: Actualidad|

Moncofa will take to the streets on Sunday to demand the breakwaters from the Government

Wences Alós Valls: "The construction of breakwaters along the entire coastline of the municipality is essential, not only in the south" Political associations and parties have joined in the claim. [...]

18/08/2021|Categories: Actualidad|

Urban study on accessibility of Moncofa Beach

We enclose a questionnaire for the urban study on accessibility of Moncofa Beach. Form

17/08/2021|Categories: Actualidad|

Moncofa City Council will build the first recharging point for electric vehicles before the end of the year

• José Mª Andrés: “This power plant is another example of our commitment to green and environmentally friendly policies” Moncofa, August 13, 2021.- The City Council of Moncofa will build [...]

17/08/2021|Categories: Actualidad|

Moncofa warns that the lack of breakwaters weighs down the tourism sector in the municipality

• Wences Alós Valls: "we only have one beach three months a year and that penalizes private investment" • The City Council has been asking the Government for 10 years [...]

17/08/2021|Categories: Actualidad|

The Moncofa City Council will pay a third monitor so that more families from the ‘Escola Matinera’ benefit

• Ana Gracia: "We want to help parents make it much easier to reconcile their professional and family life" Moncofa, August 16, 2021.- The Moncofa City Council has decided to [...]

16/08/2021|Categories: Actualidad|

The residents of Moncofa support the mobilizations to demand the works from Costas

• Wences Alós Valls: "We have spoken with associations and political parties because it is a problem that affects everyone" • The City Council has been asking the Government for [...]

15/08/2021|Categories: Actualidad|

The Moncofa City Council will invest 149,602 euros in the renovation of public lighting to make it more sustainable

José Mª Andrés: "This grant will be used to install led technology to improve energy efficiency and save costs" The Moncofa City Council has obtained a grant of 149,602 euros [...]

11/08/2021|Categories: Actualidad|

The Museu de Moncofa hosts an exhibition on reconstruction in the 1940s and 1950s after the Civil War

 Wences Alós Valls: "We value our history and heritage because it fosters our values and a feeling of pride" Since the end of July, the Museum of History and Ethnology [...]

09/08/2021|Categories: Actualidad|

L’Ajuntament de Moncofa construirà un tercer parc caní en una zona amb ombra al costat de l’Polifuncional

Sorry, this entry is only available in VA and European Spanish. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in this site default language. You may click [...]

08/08/2021|Categories: Actualidad|
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