Citizen services

General information

Participating is to build:

Increasingly citizens for political, economic, social or cultural, make proposals or concerns life interest, as well as information for the daily management of our public administrations, so from the Department of Citizenship born commitment to establish informative and participatory channels that require citizenship.

Channeling information to citizens:

Currently, the City of Moncofa, through different departments reports daily to the neighbors who ask or request any information, since local managements are developed from the local administration that is our consistory.

Also, through local and provincial press and through digital media and through social networks Town Hall, attempts to provide all the necessary information that may be useful or of general interest to all citizens of the town.

But nonetheless, and based on the desire to improve upon the information channels to citizens and make transparent all efforts taking place in the town hall, the citizen mailbox is created to join the channels of participation and information to the public.